Monday, 28 November 2011

From Suzanne Gendron & Francois Petit

Dear Gerry,
Although we have not known Dominic, you have all our sympathy. He is with God and is in a happy place. Take courage, God loves you very much, and certainly, He wants you to grieve your son thoroughly, and become the best person you can achieve. You have wonderful attributes which God can use mightily. Open up your heart to the Lord, He alone understands everything and can really make you whole.

Frank and Sue

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

April 26 2011 Poems In Dedication To Dominic

Poems in dedication to Dominic

Gerry :


In a baby castle, just beyond our


MY baby plays with angel toys that

money cannot buy.

Who are we, to wish that you had

known this world of strife?

Now, play on, your baby you have

Eternal life.

At night, when all is silent and

sleep forsakes your eyes

I'll hear your tiny footsteps come

running to my side.

Your little hands caress me, so

tenderly and sweet

I'll breathe a prayer and close

my eyes

and embrace you in my sleep.

Feelings we will treasure,

sometimes they'll make me sad,

because, my little baby i'm still your dad.


Gerry : This one contributed by Mary Depatie. Thank you.

Mary Departieno problem gerry its a good poem. im here when you need me 

Shawna : Until We Meet Again

by Unknown

Each morning when we awake
we know that you are gone.
And no one knows the heartache
As we try to carry on.

Our hearts still ache with sadness
and many tears still flow.
What it meant to lose you,
No one will ever know.

Our thoughts are always with you,
your place no one can fill.
In life we loved you dearly,
In death we love you still.

There will always be a heartache,
and often a silent tear,
But always a precious memory
Of the days when you were here.

If tears could make a staircase,
And heartaches make a lane,
We'd walk the path to heaven
And bring you home again.

We hold you close within our hearts,
And there you will remain,
To walk with us throughout our lives
Until we meet again.

GerryYou Never Said Goodbye
by Unknown

You never said I'm leaving
You never said goodbye.
You were gone before I knew it,
And only God knew why.

A million times I needed you,
A million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you,
You never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly,
In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place,
That no one could ever fill.

It broke my heart to lose you,
But you didn't go alone
For part of me went with you,
The day God took you home.

Gerry :

Until We Meet Again

by Unknown

Each morning when we awake
we know that you are gone.
And no one knows the heartache
As we try to carry on.
Our hearts still ache with sadness
and many tears still flow.
What it meant to lose you,
No one will ever know.

Our thoughts are always with you,
your place no one can fill.
In life we loved you dearly,
In death we love you still.

There will always be a heartache,
and often a silent tear,
But always a precious memory
Of the days when you were here.

If tears could make a staircase,
And heartaches make a lane,
We'd walk the path to heaven
And bring you home again.

We hold you close within our hearts,
And there you will remain,
To walk with us throughout our lives
Until we meet again.

February 22 2011 The Memory Quilt

Today Gerry posted a photograph of the quilt made by his mother, Suzanne and his sisters, Phoebe and Priscilla, from some of Dominic's clothes that were Gerry's favourites.

January 5 2011

Phoebe : made with wax, and a few flowers and pieces arranged together nicely. The stickers say Dominic

December 31 2010 Dominic's First Birthday

Phoebe : On Your Birthday

No cake or candles here today
Or presents for you to open
Just love from friends who want to say
... Happy Birthday, and that we're hoping
Somehow you can see and know
That we have not forgotten you
That we still remember, even though
You've departed from our view
And if you see us here below
And wonder why we care
It's just because we want to show
That a part of you is still here
You live within each memory's heart
And so you remain, though we're apart

Phoebe Moodie
Editor, New Poets Press

PriscillaHappy 1st Birthday Dominic!!! :( I hope you're having a big party up there!! XOXOX Love you lil man

Ann : Well my little prince.... On this day 1 yr ago the world was bless with the sweetest little angel.... U lit up the lives of so many people and have touched the hearts of many as well.... Then sadly and unfortunately the lord decided to take u home.... It broke our hearts and we shed some tears.... but we know deep down that u are still here with us no matter what.... Not a day goes by that i don't think of u my little prince.... U meant the world to so many people and so many people meant the world to u.... I hope ur having the best party up there today as it's ur 1st birthday.... Happy Birthday my little prince.... love and miss ya lots babe.... ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


December 7 2010

AnnI was thinking about u today and how u always made me smile the day that i first met u and every day after that.... I think about u often as i go thru the pictures that i have of u wondering what u would be like right now and how handsome u would be.... my little prince no words will ever describe the pain and the love that we all feel for u..... from the day u were born til the day god called u home to him.... I sat here earlier thinking about u and i then realized that in a few weeks u would have been a yr old..... :-( Almost a yr has gone by since ur joyous birth and the love that we all felt and still feel for u..... I know that whenever i think of u all i can ever see is the neverending smile that was strewn arcoss ur face.....Auntie misses u my little prince..... U will always be a part of me no matter what.... ♥ ya Dominic.....

November 10 2010

Gerry : I miss you SO much Dominic!!! I never really felt love til I first held you in my arms. I never felt a worst pain til the last time I held you! I'll always have a hole in my heart for you and nothing and no one else could even come close to replacing you!

November 6 2010

Sue : We'll be with you all in spirit tomorrow, Gerry,

Sending our love,
Sue and Dad

November 4 2010

Rachelle : im sorry i want be able to go sat but my thoughts will be with u

August 27 2010

GerryTo all of you who aren't up to date on current events regarding my little man, I'm going back to court on Sept 16th to fight for his remains... almost positive from the last court appearance that I'll win... Judge had ripped Nancy's head off! Was so disappointed that I'd missed it lol... Anyway, send me your prayers n wishes, etc... I'll keep you all posted on a burial date... Also gonna have to work out financial arrangements...

Holly : You have my prayers

ZandT Miner : Hope all goes your way. Our prayers are with you.

Joan : u have my prayers

Phoebe : You are in my prayers

Priscilla : I miss u Dominic :'( :'( More than words can say

Carolyn : Our prayers and thoughts are always with you Gerry. Praying that all goes well for you in September as I'm sure they will. Little Dominic remains in our thoughts and hearts forever!

August 15 2010

Ann Well my little prince....Not only has it been a little over 4 months since u left us but this month would have been ur 8th month :-( Hope ur still watching over all of us as we all still grieve for ur loss.... I know that there are still days and stuff where i find myslef often thinking about u.... What you would have been like....whose temperment you would have had and all kinds of stuff.... I miss you soo much.... There is a song that makes me think about u all the time and it's called One more day with you....It's by a band called Diamond Rio.... Cause everyday Not only I myself but i'm sure the rest of us wish that we had that with u..... I love you my little prince....Until we meet again my love.... Watch over me and everyone else :-)

Jay : VERY Touching :( I think he heard least I hope so

Ann : Me too :-(
         oops myself....i just noticed it....

Jay : only you would worry about something like that ;)

Ann : lol of course :-)

July 20 2010

Sue thinking of you, Dominic and all your loved ones
you will always be in our hearts.

July 1 2010

Ann Well my dear has been 3 months and 5 days since u left us and the pain and heartache is the same as the day it happened :-( I miss u and love u so much and just wish i could hold u in my arms just one more time :-( Keep watching over us all until we meet again.....♥ u little man :-(

June 28 2010

SueHere are my photos of the beautiful shawl Shelagh(Houston) has knit to raise funds for the SIDS research people. Shelagh quickly offered to make this shawl and it arrived here in Western Australia on Friday afternoon. It would have been here earlier if Winston Kitty had not caught his claw in it and causing Shelagh to have to tink 40 rows. It is so delicate, so soft and beautiful and weighs a mere 110grams and now it's on it's way to Ottawa so that Dominic's dad and his aunts and uncles can see how lovely it is too and then hand it in personally to the Ottawa SIDS Foundation. Hopefully this will ease their grief a little and help them to feel they are doing something to assist in the research of this pointless condition. It sounds a roundabout way of doing things but after seeing the shawl I knew it had to go Ottawa. Thank you Shelagh.

...this is what I wrote at the Down to Earth forum so that every-one there can see the shawl. It will take 2 weeks to get there.
Love you

Gerry thanks Mum, luv you too

Phoebe : wow its so beautiful, I got the package yesterday. Haven't seen it yet, but looking forward to it. It is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you very much for this priceless gift

Sue : Hi Phoebe...I'd love some feedback for Shelagh when Gerry hands it in to the SIDS peeps pls.
Taylen's card is in the package too.

Phoebeoh okay i didn't know, i should have opened it. I haven't seen Gerry in a few weeks so I just told him to come by and pick up his mail

Sue : has it gone then?
I did tell you the card was in there lol

Gerry I have the package Sue, ill give Phoebe Taylen's card... I haven't sent it yet

Sue : thank you Gerry, have you opened it?

Gerry : Yes, Sue, thanks so much... N please express my gratitude to Shelagh

June 11 2010

PhoebeGlad you added all the pics, I really enjoy looking at them

June 10 2010

Angel KissGerry things look the worst when we feel low and i am sorry for everything that you have to go through , i can't even imagine the pain i am here to talk if you ever need to and noone ever said that you have to be storng all the time y ou have every right to be upset so never forget that all your tears helps to keep poor little man with us here on earth.... take care and i am here for you anytime

Gerry : Thanks Hun

Angel Kiss : np

June 9 2010

Gerry :

May 27 2010

Phoebe Dominic, little Angel, it has been 2 months since you've physically departed from this world. I miss you so much... I know Jesus is taking good care of you in Heaven, but I am still sad that your physical presence is gone. I will never forget the love that you've given me and the moments we shared together. 

Until we meet again...
love, your auntie Phoebe

May 25 2010

AnnWell my little has been 2 months today that you were taken away from us :-( there is not a day that i don't think of you and your adorable little face :-( you are missed more than u will even know or realize :-( I often find myself looking at your pictures and or your videos and sitting there and crying an...d asking god why did he have to take such a sweet angel from us :-( I love you more and more everyday and miss you more and more everyday.... Wishing u were back here with us :-( Love ya babyboy.....

May 23rd 2010

Gerry : My tribute to my son

Dominic was my life, my purpose, my everything.

That sweet little boy could melt even the hardest of hearts.
He'd smile and coo every morning, setting such a positive example at such a young age.

He might have only just turned 12 weeks old when he passed away yet he left his mark on hundreds of people; from the baker at the local grocery store to the owner of a local snow blowing company, even to one of the Assistant Chief Statisticians of Canada - friends and family from all over the world, including but not limited to Australia, El Salvador and England. He even brought back people unheard from in over twenty years. In only 12 weeks, he'd made dozens of aunts and uncles. In 12 weeks, our little Dominic has won the hearts of a multitude of people from all over the world and all walks of life. One look him and he would charm ladies of all ages. I've lost count how many of those ladies, young and old, threatened or sometimes even attempted to kidnap him, enthralled by him.
Our little Dominic demonstrated quite a unique little attitude (many would accuse me of being the culprit for that); he gave me his first middle finger at five days old; gave his first wink to a girl at six days old. He would smile and you simply couldn't resist a warm smile in return. He would cry and your heart would ache for him. Whenever I would wake him, he would flex his muscles as tho preparing himself for whatever new challenges and adventures awaited him. Or sometimes he would simply flex to show off for the ladies. It warmed the heart to see him so attentively keep looking at you, following you around the room and smiling so brightly upon your return into his view if you perchance happened to leave him momentarily.
On a more solemn note, I don't know why he left us at such a young age. There are countless moments and so much more of everything that I wanted for him. So much more I wanted him to know, learn and experience. So much more I'm sure many people, all of you, would have wanted in regards to our precious Dominic.
If you all don't already know, rest assured that he's gone to a better place. I'm sure he would want all of you to know that he loves you all so much. He's been touched by you and many more, just as he's left his mark on us all. We cannot deny our grief over his passing, but I know that what Dominic would want is for us to, someday, hopefully soon, receive happiness when we think of him. I know that he would not want our memories of his legacy to bring sorrow, but rather comfort, peace and joy. Dominic was a wonderful little boy and I believe we owe it to him to share that happiness as our tribute to him. Dominic loved us all and once time has relieved our grief and sorrow, the least we can do is try to find peace, to find joy in memory of that love he shared with us all.

JoanI never had the courtesy(pleasure) to meet the precious little angel he was taken from us way too soon. I am sure that he touched everyones heart. I know u r watching over all u keep up the good work Dominic. Rest in peace u precious little angel

Monday, 21 November 2011

May 21 2010

Ann : Well my little has been 2 months today that you were taken away from us :-( there is not a day that i don't think of you and your adorable little face :-( you are missed more than u will even know or realize :-( I often find myself looking at your pictures and or your videos and sitting there and crying an...d asking god why did he have to take such a sweet angel from us :-( I love you more and more everyday and miss you more and more everyday.... Wishing u were back here with us :-( Love ya babyboy.....

May 20th 2010

Christine Crete : That is so nice, I can understand why it's hard to make this page , my husband can't even look at the pics or the videos , he is mad that I am even watching's breaks mine and my husbands hearts. Don't give up Gerry you have a lot of people there for you .

Gerry Thank you, it means a lot

May 18th 2010 Priscilla's Tribute

Gerry : Pearlz' tribute to Dominic and me

The death of a loved one is always cause for mourning. However, when a baby dies, there is a sadness that goes beyond normal grief because as humans we are programmed to expect that the young outlive the old. when a person who has lived a full life passes away, there is a sense that everything is as it should be. When a baby passes away, when he has not even had the chance to experience life, his death seems meaningless and cruel to the ones that loved him. The recent loss of Dominic, who has left us way too early, is certainly in the category of those hard losses for which there is a constant, painful reminder of what might have been. For this I ask God's blessing to everyone who was touched by Dominic so that we may find the courage and strength to move forward in peace and confidence and in knowing that his life was well lived and with a purpose.


Words from Dominic to Daddy:

- The bond that you created with Dominic cannot be broken... You WILL meet again.
- Dominic will be the gentle breeze that brushes your face, the sun will be his smile and the rain will be him washing away your pain.
- Believe that when you say his name, he is standing next to you; when you are sleeping, he is laying next to you, stroking your hair, kissing your cheek and whispering in your ear "Daddy, please don't be sad today. I'm your baby and I'm here and I love you."

Closing poem:

Don't think of me as gone away -
my journey's just begun;
life holds so many facets -
the earth is only one.

Just think of me as resting
from the sorrows and the tears
in a place of warmth and comfort
where there are no days and years.

Think how I must be wishing
that we could know, today,
how nothing but our sadness
can really pass away.

And think of me as living
in the hearts of those I touched...
for nothing loved is ever lost -
And I was loved so much...

My dad is a survivor too...
which is no surprise to me.
He's always been like a lighthouse
that helps you cross a stormy sea.

But, I walk with my dad each day
to lift him when he's down.
I wipe the tears he hides from others.
He cries when no one's around.

I watch him sit up late at night,
with my picture in his hand.
He cries as he tries to grieve alone,
and wishes he could understand.

My dad is like a tower of strength.
He's the greatest of them all!
But there's times when he needs to cry...
Please be there when he falls.

Hold his hand or pat his shoulder...
and tell him it's okay.
Be his strength when he's sad,
help him mourn in his own way.

Now, as I watch over my precious dad
from the heaven's up above...
I'm so proud that he's a survivor...
and I can still feel his love!

Priscilla : I am so glad you put this up Gerry..although i cant read thru it right now.. you are so strong to be able to type this up.. I love you.. and I miss Dominic :(

May 18th 2010 Josh's Tribute

Gerry : Josh's tribute to Dominic and me
My wife Phoebe and I had the privilege to open our home to Gerry and Dominic. A time we wouldn't trade for anything.

Dominic was blessed with a loving family and friends, but also a father who without a second thought gave everything to be the best father you could ask for.

For all of you who knew Dominic, he was blessed with a lot of strength, and I know that as he looks down on all of us here today, that he is sharing his strength with us all to continue on in our lives with him in our thoughts and prayers.

May 18th 2010, Phoebe's Tribute

Gerry : Phoebe's tribute to Dominic and me

My Dear Brother:

There is no pain deeper than losing a child and no words to take the hurt away. When I walked into the house that morning, it had been moments after you had opened your eyes to see your precious child gone, I saw your anguished face... so much pain... You said to me between tears that Dominic was dead. I ran upstairs to see my husband on the phone with 911 attempting CPR to revive little Dominic; his body was just lying there so still... That scene pained me so much; I couldn't get it out of my head.

Then, two days later, I kept thinking of the same scene, but instead, God was sending me a message to look slightly further away. That is when I saw him. I saw Dominic's spirit and he was with Jesus. Dominic asked me to pass on a message to you: he wanted me to tell you that he is very happy now, and he wanted me to tell you that he is very thankful for all the love you gave him. You did a wonderful job as a father and Dominic really loves you.

I am thankful and blessed to have known Dominic. His memories will never be forgotten. I found a poem that I feel Dominic would want me to read to you, Dominic's loving father:

Daddy, please don't look so sad,
Daddy, please don't cry
'Cause I am in the arms of Jesus
And he sings me lullabies.

Please, try not to question God,
Don't think He's unkind.
Don't think He sent me to you
And then changed His mind.

You see, I am a special child,
And needed up above.
I am the special gift you gave Him,
The product of your love.

I'll always be there with you
And in the sky at night,
Find the brightest star that's gleaming
That's my halo's brilliant light.

You'll see me in the morning frost that mists your window pane.
That's me in the summer showers; I'll be dancing in the rain.
When you feel a little breeze, from a gentle wind that blows,
That's me, I'll be there planting a kiss on your nose.
When you see a child playing, and your heart feels a little tug,
That's me, I'll be there giving your heart a hug.

So Daddy, please don't look so sad, Daddy, don't you cry.
I'm in the arms of Jesus and He sings me lullabies.

May 14th 2010

Gerry : As you can see, I've begun adding the tributes that we're written for Dominic... Please bear with me, more will come... I just can't do it all at once... I usually end up fightin not to break down halfway thru typing out each one... but I'll do my best and slowly but surely will keep adding more... Thanks

Sue : We love you and Dominic so much and hope you find peace and comfort from re-reading these words.
He will always be your son

Pat LeBlanci have a soft spot for children, being a father of a 1 year old, i never met Dominic but i still mourn for him, R.I.P little buddy

Pouchella : There are no words to give that must seem comforting after the loss of a child. However, you are in my thoughts and my prayers, and hope that the love and support of your friends and family diminish the pain and anguish. xxx000

April 15th 2010

Ann : Well my little prince....It has been 1 month since the lord took u away....there is not a day that goes by that i don't think about you and your little smile and your very cute laugh....I miss you more and more everyday and wish that things were different....But until i see you again.....I will forever keep your memory alive in my heart...Rest in Peace little man...I love you ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Saturday, 19 November 2011

April 6th 2010!/photo.php?v=10150179490765721

This day started with Gerry posting the last video of Dominic, taken by his friend Ann. There were 23 comments from loved ones....this is after Dominic's funeral

Gerry apologisedSorry about the poor quality

Ann blamed her phone lol stupid phone.....its even like this on my phone :-(

Joanif u don't put it to full screen it is alot clearer i enjoyed that video & the other one that was up & all the pictures i only wish i had met him r.i.p dominic u were taken way too soon

Sueit's a precious record

Ann : Thanx Sue :-) I really tried to get it clearer but it just didn't work..... altho i do have one other one that i took on my video camera so hopefully that one will be better :-)

Sue It's brought home to me how important it is that we photograph and perhaps write about the little everyday things that make up our were just enjoying being with Dominic that day and now we have a little (wonky, true) video to remember him by, and we're grateful!

Ann : No problem :-) I figured that not only could i enjoy it whenever i wanted to but also that his family could as well.... i posted a more clearer one as was taken the day he was born....

Sue : I like that one too.
Several plp have mentioned to me about making a Memory Quilt from some of Dominic's favourite clothes. It's a very old way of preserving a few of them by making a small blanket that Gerry can hold when he gets too sad. Perhaps cut some clothes into 6inch squares and have some-one stitch them together and back it with another baby blanket...I was thinking Priss's Donna might do it for him if you don;t know any-one else.

Ann : Ya that would be a really sweet thing to have done...but unfortunately i don't know anyone but maybe ur right about Priss's Donna :-) wouldn't hurt to find out :-) I can ask if u'd like :-)

Sue : Please do that....I haven't seen Priss for a while....I'd loved to do it but it's silly sending stuff all this way and then back again.

Annlol ya no worries :-) i don't mind... :-) And ya that would be silly :-)

Joani have a suggestion for his blanket i had seen this a couple times b 4 what about putting some of his pictures on the blanket also can make frames out of plastic canvas make them a little larger than the pic so u have room to sewit on the blanket i thought it was just gorgeous when i seen it.
 if u think it is a good i dea i can get started in the frames for the pics of the precious little angel

Sue photos can actually be printed onto cotton too which is lovely. Thank you Joan,
AnnMarie will have to ask Gerry first if he'd like to use some of Baby's clothes this way, I'm in Australia so it's difficult for me but if you liase with AnnMarie that would be wonderful.

Ann Lol ya i'll talk to him in a bit Sue when i see him :-) We r gonna meet up for a coffee :-)

Joan : u probably don't know but i am ann-marie's mom & we live close by to each other so it is a go i will get started on what i can do

Phoebe : Hi Sue, I'm just catching up on all the messages here, i know you are very good at the sewing and crafts items, I don't mind paying the shipping fees to send them to you if you'd like to do that for Gerry? We will have to go through all Dominic's things at one point. we have clean, dirty and brand new clothes... its all hidden in our basement.... we'll send them all to you clean though!  

SueLet's see if it's something Gerry would like first, then try to pick out a few favourite outfits...a variety would be best...I was just thinking of a small one blankie....perhaps a square yard in size for Gerry to cuddle when he's missing him badly.
It was 2 mothers who suggested this....perhaps a man wouldn't like that and perhaps it would only serve to emphasize the loss?

GerryI have no problem with it but will leave it up to you ladies to decide the details. I'm gonna be going thru his things starting tomorrow so I'll keep it in mind to set aside some particular clothes etc

Sue : ok...we'll just make a little rug/blankie for you so chose your fave bits and pieces that you liked to dress him in,

AnnThis is the last video that i have of my little prince taken the day that he was born.... :-( I miss u soo much little man...u were taken far too early from us :-( Love ya lots little man!/photo.php?v=409678249539

April 1st 2010

Pat LeBlanc : i have a 6 month old nephew as well as my 1 year old daughter and i saw the pic this morning and i almost cried because im very emotional and because NO child deserves to die especially that young, as a father and an uncle that was my gratest fear and i didnt think that it would happen to such a deserving guy like Gerry, they r so innocent
Helen : Gerry - please accept my condolences for your loss, to you and your family

Denise : I can't begin to find the words, to say how sorry I am, to say how sad this makes me feel, to say how unfair, how unkind, how awful.
I can only tell you that my heart aches, that I know the pain of loosing a child and grieve that someone else should now know that pain too.
That I hold your hand, that I feel your loss, that I care.
Such sweet pictures, such a little love.
Holding you sweet Dominic now and always xxx

   This was our very first glimpse of Dominic.....

Friday, 18 November 2011

March 30th 2010

The tributes began pouring in...
Ann : posted 3 photos

Joan (Ann's Mother) : my deepest sympathies Gerry

Lauren  : Gerry, there are no words I or anyone can say that will truly help alleviate this ache in your heart. But I will say that I am here for you, so that you can let out all that you are feeling, or sit in silence with someone who cares about you. My biggest hugs go to you.

Danielle  : Gerry I am so sorry to hear about your are in my prayers

Sue  : Australia has an excellent SIDS organization Sids and Kids. They run events and hold raffles and all sorts of things to support research, of course, but they also provide services to families, which you might find useful to you at some point. I mention them because of the important work that they do and also because what they provide may be another outlet for your desire to memorialize your grandson. I wonder if making something for one of their fund raising efforts might be an appropriate consideration in that it supports the organization's efforts to support families who have lost children to SIDS. I just took a look at their website and they accept donations of new items with a value of at least $50. I was thinking that a small quilt would be perfect. Then, I got to thinking that because we all love you so much, that if this was something that you felt appropriate, that I could make one and send it to you for donating to them. It is interesting, although incidental, that they are hosting an international conference in Sydney this October.
This was sent to me by a friend...if you click on the link there are booklets that can be downloaded or read on-line to help us come to terms with Dominic's death. I'm Gerry's step-mom in Australia and the message was sent to me but I've included it to show what my friend wrote to me and the link to the SIDS site which is revelant for us all no matter where we live.

The following messages came to me through my friends at a forum I belong to :
Judsie (Sue's friend..regarding my post on the SIDS group and some donations for fundraising...Judsie is going to make a quilt and Shelagh a knitted shawl.) A donation to the SIDS organization near to me is an excellent extra idea to help honour this little boy.

Shelagh : How about a knitted baby shawl since it's to honor a tiny baby? I haven't made on in a while and I do love making them. So airy, fairy, they remind me of cobwebs. A donation to a local SIDS is also an excellent idea for anyone who wants to make a donation to honor Dominic.
Laura P : Dear my prayers and thoughts are with you and the little angel's family.
Sue W : I've been feeling sad over the weekend since reading the sad news on FB. I saw close friends suffer the loss of their daughter at the age of 3yrs. I know how devastating it can be for the family and that the road ahead is goind to be hard, but with support from family and friends you will get through it in time, never over it, but to a point where you can bear it. That may seem a long way off right now.
I saw a quote once it read:

When your parents die, you bury the past
When a child dies, you bury the future.

You're not meant to bury your children, my heart aches for you knowing what lies ahead and remembering how my friends were and how I felt and still do at times, and Shannon has been with the angels for 12 years now.
Laura J : Sue, I'm so sorry this happened. It seems terribly senseless. It's sad when anyone dies, but when it's just a wee baby, who has never had the chance at life it's just flipping terrible.
I also think that a memory quilt would be a lovely thing.
Or, is there a garden at the hospital where he was born ( if it wasn't a home birth?) perhaps plant something there, or a wee plaque or something?

Lisa R : Hi Sue, I was so saddened when i saw the news on FB and reading this makes it double. I tried to think of the things that were important to us when Finlay was little.

hospital tags
foot prints from the hospital
first outfit
going home outfit
congratulations cards - lots of these!
birth announcements in the newspapers
obviously photos

I tried to visualise all these items in a pile and then i thought of what i consider to be perfect how about a Memory Box? We got given a little one for Finlay but I think something about the size of a mens shoe box would be perfect.

Ive added a link to something that looks right to give you the idea but i think is too small

We lit a candle for Dominic at church today and Finlay and I have been remembering him in our prayer everyday.I hope that Gerry and Nancy can find peace...

Keepsake Boxes for all those special little treasures. You can order one with a special message that could only come from you. They make great one of a kind gifts.
Carla : Please pass on my condolence to Gerry and Nancy and to Joe also. You have been on my mind since I first heard.
Lara : Oh Sue, my deepest and heartfelt condolences to you and yours.

I bought a little statue from Midnight Orange to show my grief as I processed it.

Much love to you, go gently

 Lisa(Ellymay) : Oh Sue, you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers at this very sad time.
Jane : I am so sorry to hear your news Sue and Joe. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time.
My Aunt and Uncle in the UK....Dear Sue and Joe
This, as you say, is very sad news. One cannot imagine the pain of losing a little one at such a very young age (or even older) so I hope you both know that Uncle Alan and I have you in our thoughts and prayers at this time. We think of you both often anyway, but will do especially in the coming days.With fondest love from Auntie Margaret and Uncle Alan

Joe Pro 14:10 The heart knows its own bitterness, and a stranger does not share in its joy. Pro 14:10 The heart knoweth his own bitterness; and a stranger doth not intermeddle with his joy. Pro 14:10 Le coeur connaît ses propres chagrins, Et un étranger ne saurait partager sa joie. Pro 14:10 Le coeur connaît sa propre amertume, et un étranger ne se mêle pas à sa joie.

Gerry : I can't thank everyone enough for all the support you've given. I'm sorry but I'm sure you all understand why I haven't been staying on top of all responses n such. I will try however to update everyone once the funeral is done. I'll post all the pics, videos, tributes and other momentos friends n family have contributed. I will also make sure to post my personal tribute to Dominic which I've informed everyone I'm not releasing til the funeral service. Once again thank you all so much!

SueAs long as you understand that you are not alone in your grief then we will find comfort in that at least.These tributes will always be here for you to re-read and reflect upon as time goes by until you meet Dominic again.You are much loved you know.
                   The King Is Coming, Praise God, He's Coming For Me! What an awesome promise we can    
claim as our own. Confess your sins before Jesus, ask Him into your heart and live the way He commands you to and you too can claim this wonderful promise. The King is Coming, will you be ready?

Phoebe Moodie : posted these photos

So endeth the first day of the FB Page.

A New Blog and The Reasons Why

When we lost our beloved son, grandson, nephew, Dominic, on March 25th 2010, his father's friend Ann Forbes set up a facebook page where we could post our condolences and also memories of this beloved child.

The page is still going strong but we are noticing that earlier posts, comments and some early photos have disappeared so by starting this blog and bringing all those memories over here I hope to keep them intact and easily available to the members of that group, especially his parents, Gerry and Nancy.

Ann's words at the beginning of the FB Group are as follows;


  • I have created this group so that people can post their condolences but also post their memories of him....

    Dominic Austin Adrian Colin Caissy was born on Thursday December 31st 2009 at 6:55 am. He weighed a healthy 7 lbs 7 oz....

    Unfortunately though on Thursday, March 25th 2010 he passed away :-(

    He will be forever in our hearts and our memories.