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They say that a picture tells a thousand words. I beg to differ. The pictures found here tell of so much more. These pictures tell the story of a lifetime cut short. But what they don't tell is of the love that engulfed Dominic, from the very first moment until the ends of time.

Dominic Austin Adrian Colin Caissy,
 this is your life! 
With all the love, the smiles, the warmth you brought to us. You cannot begin to guess the number of hearts you healed with your presence, and those you broke with your departure.

Everything you touched, you made better (or smellier...sometimes just dribblier) and we are all better people for knowing you.

Much love to all who visit this album,  Elizabeth

I can STILL see you ya know! lol

"Give me a minute, I'm working up a really nice surprise for Daddy in my diaper here."

"See Daddy? I was right... Map says to start here and turn left."

10 weeks old n already weighin in at 14 lbs! My little heavy weight! Not counting the fact that he'd had a cold for a couple weeks n hadn't gained any weight while he'd been sick.

Guess how old he was here...

Had the cam caught him one second earlier, it wasn't the index finger he was originally giving me :-O

"Daaaaaadd!! Auntie Priscilla ate my last iiiice-creeeeam!!"

"OK, I'll show you one more time Auntie, you put the pointy thing over here and then..."

"Kiss my bum world! It's hard work being as good as me!"

"For the last time...I'm NOT crying!

"Helloooo, I'm over here being gorgeous"

"Ughh! I shouldn't have tried taking on Dad in a drinking contest... I don't think I can even look at that Good Start formula again. Why's everything spinning?"

"Excuse me, your hair looks particularly delicious today. Do you mind if I just....?"

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