Thursday, 1 December 2011

August 16, When Gerry Realizes That Comments Are Disappearing From The Facebook Page

Gerry : Am I the only one who can't see any of the comments on any of the less recent pics?! Had dozens of pics with comment threads on them and I can't find a single one! :(

Marc : only one I see with comments is the one with the sketch

Phoebe : i'm not sure which pics you are refering to, but maybe you can link through to them from your notifications???

Sue : I can see all the comments right back to the beginning..perhaps it was just a FB glitch...can you see them now?

Gerry : Phoebe, I can't see any of comments on the pics older than a month or so... Example all mine n AnnMarie's pics from March til June that we posted: a lot of them had threads of comments n I can't see any of them...
Sue, can't understand why you can see them all and I can't :(

SaraFacebook has been messing up... So it will probably come back in time because I was having the same problem with an event I have and I know someone else also that was having problems with not seeing somethings or it was saying that there was way more ppl that where invited then there was... Give it time hun and I am sure it will fix :)

Phoebe : oh you're right, I don't see comments either, I hope that its just a FB glitch too.

Sue : OK I went right back to April 1 2010 a post from Angela Marie and there are many comments there...earlier than that it's mainly me posts of messages from my friends which don't have comments, all the posts after Angela's have comments..can you see them? Otherwise I will copy and paste them for you xxx

Gerry : I can't see any of them, except for the newest pics... Really hopin its a glitch that will get fixed soon

Phoebe : Just checked today, and can't see comments still. Is there a way to contact facebook and see if they can fix it?

Gerry :Sent FB an email... Keep you posted on results/response.

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