Thursday, 1 December 2011

May 9th 2011

Elizabeth : Thank you Gerry, for the invitation to keep Dominic's memory alive. So the first thing I do is rummage through the photo's of course. Thanks a lot(!) - just spend the past 10 minutes crying :-( It occurs to me as I read some of these older posts that you haven't thought of something...
Do you realize that every day that passes is not another day farther from your prince;
But another day closer to the day you hold him again xxx

GerryI broke down again today; you're the only person in the world that actually managed to turn your old man into an emotionally chaotic sap.
You died the day you turned 12 weeks old... I've often wondered since than if it would've been harder if you'd died when you were older n its really hard to tell... If you'd been older I would've had more memories to cherish n such but I would've loved you just as much as the day you were born... that you died so young only leaves me missing the memories I wanted to have...
The only thing that keeps me going is the rage from it all! I would die if it would bring you back! I'd say I'd gladly, without hesitating, give up everything to see you again, but you should already know that, since I gave up everything just to have you! I know it's not fair to want to take you back from whatever place you're in now, n so I'm only venting. However, I can't seem to cope with the loss of you! I feel my sanity and strength of will and character waning slowly each n every day. You n everyone know that losing you did the impossible: it not only nearly killed me but it's nearly completely drained all my seemingly endless supply of strength and willpower. 
I find myself struggling to grasp enough strength to make it thru each day, sometimes just a part of a day. I've often thought of just giving up n letting myself go so I can be with you but then I wonder: I'm FAR from as innocent as you, who's to say I'd end up in the same place with you? On the other hand, as bad as I want to be with you again, hold you in my arms one more time, kiss you and feel my heart melt from seeing you smile, I can't let go of this rage so as to focus on making sure we end up in the same place! :(
I can't tell you enough how much I love you n miss you!
Mindy awe gerry! i bet he's holding on to u right now...he sees that ur in pain and u struggle...but its him thats guiding u thru
Sue : it makes no sense and never sorry you are in such pain but thinking of you both with much love always xxxx
LiseI know that God is with you and with Dominic. I feel your pain. Just want to let you know that you have a friend that cares.
Pouchella : That's really sad. I am glad you talk about it though and trust people enough to share your pain with us. Thank you Gerry. And I am so very sorry for your big loss. Someday, you will meet again. xx

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