Saturday, 19 November 2011

April 1st 2010

Pat LeBlanc : i have a 6 month old nephew as well as my 1 year old daughter and i saw the pic this morning and i almost cried because im very emotional and because NO child deserves to die especially that young, as a father and an uncle that was my gratest fear and i didnt think that it would happen to such a deserving guy like Gerry, they r so innocent
Helen : Gerry - please accept my condolences for your loss, to you and your family

Denise : I can't begin to find the words, to say how sorry I am, to say how sad this makes me feel, to say how unfair, how unkind, how awful.
I can only tell you that my heart aches, that I know the pain of loosing a child and grieve that someone else should now know that pain too.
That I hold your hand, that I feel your loss, that I care.
Such sweet pictures, such a little love.
Holding you sweet Dominic now and always xxx

   This was our very first glimpse of Dominic.....

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