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March 30th 2010

The tributes began pouring in...
Ann : posted 3 photos

Joan (Ann's Mother) : my deepest sympathies Gerry

Lauren  : Gerry, there are no words I or anyone can say that will truly help alleviate this ache in your heart. But I will say that I am here for you, so that you can let out all that you are feeling, or sit in silence with someone who cares about you. My biggest hugs go to you.

Danielle  : Gerry I am so sorry to hear about your are in my prayers

Sue  : Australia has an excellent SIDS organization Sids and Kids. They run events and hold raffles and all sorts of things to support research, of course, but they also provide services to families, which you might find useful to you at some point. I mention them because of the important work that they do and also because what they provide may be another outlet for your desire to memorialize your grandson. I wonder if making something for one of their fund raising efforts might be an appropriate consideration in that it supports the organization's efforts to support families who have lost children to SIDS. I just took a look at their website and they accept donations of new items with a value of at least $50. I was thinking that a small quilt would be perfect. Then, I got to thinking that because we all love you so much, that if this was something that you felt appropriate, that I could make one and send it to you for donating to them. It is interesting, although incidental, that they are hosting an international conference in Sydney this October.
This was sent to me by a friend...if you click on the link there are booklets that can be downloaded or read on-line to help us come to terms with Dominic's death. I'm Gerry's step-mom in Australia and the message was sent to me but I've included it to show what my friend wrote to me and the link to the SIDS site which is revelant for us all no matter where we live.

The following messages came to me through my friends at a forum I belong to :
Judsie (Sue's friend..regarding my post on the SIDS group and some donations for fundraising...Judsie is going to make a quilt and Shelagh a knitted shawl.) A donation to the SIDS organization near to me is an excellent extra idea to help honour this little boy.

Shelagh : How about a knitted baby shawl since it's to honor a tiny baby? I haven't made on in a while and I do love making them. So airy, fairy, they remind me of cobwebs. A donation to a local SIDS is also an excellent idea for anyone who wants to make a donation to honor Dominic.
Laura P : Dear my prayers and thoughts are with you and the little angel's family.
Sue W : I've been feeling sad over the weekend since reading the sad news on FB. I saw close friends suffer the loss of their daughter at the age of 3yrs. I know how devastating it can be for the family and that the road ahead is goind to be hard, but with support from family and friends you will get through it in time, never over it, but to a point where you can bear it. That may seem a long way off right now.
I saw a quote once it read:

When your parents die, you bury the past
When a child dies, you bury the future.

You're not meant to bury your children, my heart aches for you knowing what lies ahead and remembering how my friends were and how I felt and still do at times, and Shannon has been with the angels for 12 years now.
Laura J : Sue, I'm so sorry this happened. It seems terribly senseless. It's sad when anyone dies, but when it's just a wee baby, who has never had the chance at life it's just flipping terrible.
I also think that a memory quilt would be a lovely thing.
Or, is there a garden at the hospital where he was born ( if it wasn't a home birth?) perhaps plant something there, or a wee plaque or something?

Lisa R : Hi Sue, I was so saddened when i saw the news on FB and reading this makes it double. I tried to think of the things that were important to us when Finlay was little.

hospital tags
foot prints from the hospital
first outfit
going home outfit
congratulations cards - lots of these!
birth announcements in the newspapers
obviously photos

I tried to visualise all these items in a pile and then i thought of what i consider to be perfect how about a Memory Box? We got given a little one for Finlay but I think something about the size of a mens shoe box would be perfect.

Ive added a link to something that looks right to give you the idea but i think is too small

We lit a candle for Dominic at church today and Finlay and I have been remembering him in our prayer everyday.I hope that Gerry and Nancy can find peace...

Keepsake Boxes for all those special little treasures. You can order one with a special message that could only come from you. They make great one of a kind gifts.
Carla : Please pass on my condolence to Gerry and Nancy and to Joe also. You have been on my mind since I first heard.
Lara : Oh Sue, my deepest and heartfelt condolences to you and yours.

I bought a little statue from Midnight Orange to show my grief as I processed it.

Much love to you, go gently

 Lisa(Ellymay) : Oh Sue, you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers at this very sad time.
Jane : I am so sorry to hear your news Sue and Joe. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time.
My Aunt and Uncle in the UK....Dear Sue and Joe
This, as you say, is very sad news. One cannot imagine the pain of losing a little one at such a very young age (or even older) so I hope you both know that Uncle Alan and I have you in our thoughts and prayers at this time. We think of you both often anyway, but will do especially in the coming days.With fondest love from Auntie Margaret and Uncle Alan

Joe Pro 14:10 The heart knows its own bitterness, and a stranger does not share in its joy. Pro 14:10 The heart knoweth his own bitterness; and a stranger doth not intermeddle with his joy. Pro 14:10 Le coeur connaît ses propres chagrins, Et un étranger ne saurait partager sa joie. Pro 14:10 Le coeur connaît sa propre amertume, et un étranger ne se mêle pas à sa joie.

Gerry : I can't thank everyone enough for all the support you've given. I'm sorry but I'm sure you all understand why I haven't been staying on top of all responses n such. I will try however to update everyone once the funeral is done. I'll post all the pics, videos, tributes and other momentos friends n family have contributed. I will also make sure to post my personal tribute to Dominic which I've informed everyone I'm not releasing til the funeral service. Once again thank you all so much!

SueAs long as you understand that you are not alone in your grief then we will find comfort in that at least.These tributes will always be here for you to re-read and reflect upon as time goes by until you meet Dominic again.You are much loved you know.
                   The King Is Coming, Praise God, He's Coming For Me! What an awesome promise we can    
claim as our own. Confess your sins before Jesus, ask Him into your heart and live the way He commands you to and you too can claim this wonderful promise. The King is Coming, will you be ready?

Phoebe Moodie : posted these photos

So endeth the first day of the FB Page.

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