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April 6th 2010!/photo.php?v=10150179490765721

This day started with Gerry posting the last video of Dominic, taken by his friend Ann. There were 23 comments from loved ones....this is after Dominic's funeral

Gerry apologisedSorry about the poor quality

Ann blamed her phone lol stupid phone.....its even like this on my phone :-(

Joanif u don't put it to full screen it is alot clearer i enjoyed that video & the other one that was up & all the pictures i only wish i had met him r.i.p dominic u were taken way too soon

Sueit's a precious record

Ann : Thanx Sue :-) I really tried to get it clearer but it just didn't work..... altho i do have one other one that i took on my video camera so hopefully that one will be better :-)

Sue It's brought home to me how important it is that we photograph and perhaps write about the little everyday things that make up our were just enjoying being with Dominic that day and now we have a little (wonky, true) video to remember him by, and we're grateful!

Ann : No problem :-) I figured that not only could i enjoy it whenever i wanted to but also that his family could as well.... i posted a more clearer one as was taken the day he was born....

Sue : I like that one too.
Several plp have mentioned to me about making a Memory Quilt from some of Dominic's favourite clothes. It's a very old way of preserving a few of them by making a small blanket that Gerry can hold when he gets too sad. Perhaps cut some clothes into 6inch squares and have some-one stitch them together and back it with another baby blanket...I was thinking Priss's Donna might do it for him if you don;t know any-one else.

Ann : Ya that would be a really sweet thing to have done...but unfortunately i don't know anyone but maybe ur right about Priss's Donna :-) wouldn't hurt to find out :-) I can ask if u'd like :-)

Sue : Please do that....I haven't seen Priss for a while....I'd loved to do it but it's silly sending stuff all this way and then back again.

Annlol ya no worries :-) i don't mind... :-) And ya that would be silly :-)

Joani have a suggestion for his blanket i had seen this a couple times b 4 what about putting some of his pictures on the blanket also can make frames out of plastic canvas make them a little larger than the pic so u have room to sewit on the blanket i thought it was just gorgeous when i seen it.
 if u think it is a good i dea i can get started in the frames for the pics of the precious little angel

Sue photos can actually be printed onto cotton too which is lovely. Thank you Joan,
AnnMarie will have to ask Gerry first if he'd like to use some of Baby's clothes this way, I'm in Australia so it's difficult for me but if you liase with AnnMarie that would be wonderful.

Ann Lol ya i'll talk to him in a bit Sue when i see him :-) We r gonna meet up for a coffee :-)

Joan : u probably don't know but i am ann-marie's mom & we live close by to each other so it is a go i will get started on what i can do

Phoebe : Hi Sue, I'm just catching up on all the messages here, i know you are very good at the sewing and crafts items, I don't mind paying the shipping fees to send them to you if you'd like to do that for Gerry? We will have to go through all Dominic's things at one point. we have clean, dirty and brand new clothes... its all hidden in our basement.... we'll send them all to you clean though!  

SueLet's see if it's something Gerry would like first, then try to pick out a few favourite outfits...a variety would be best...I was just thinking of a small one blankie....perhaps a square yard in size for Gerry to cuddle when he's missing him badly.
It was 2 mothers who suggested this....perhaps a man wouldn't like that and perhaps it would only serve to emphasize the loss?

GerryI have no problem with it but will leave it up to you ladies to decide the details. I'm gonna be going thru his things starting tomorrow so I'll keep it in mind to set aside some particular clothes etc

Sue : ok...we'll just make a little rug/blankie for you so chose your fave bits and pieces that you liked to dress him in,

AnnThis is the last video that i have of my little prince taken the day that he was born.... :-( I miss u soo much little man...u were taken far too early from us :-( Love ya lots little man!/photo.php?v=409678249539

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