Wednesday, 23 November 2011

May 23rd 2010

Gerry : My tribute to my son

Dominic was my life, my purpose, my everything.

That sweet little boy could melt even the hardest of hearts.
He'd smile and coo every morning, setting such a positive example at such a young age.

He might have only just turned 12 weeks old when he passed away yet he left his mark on hundreds of people; from the baker at the local grocery store to the owner of a local snow blowing company, even to one of the Assistant Chief Statisticians of Canada - friends and family from all over the world, including but not limited to Australia, El Salvador and England. He even brought back people unheard from in over twenty years. In only 12 weeks, he'd made dozens of aunts and uncles. In 12 weeks, our little Dominic has won the hearts of a multitude of people from all over the world and all walks of life. One look him and he would charm ladies of all ages. I've lost count how many of those ladies, young and old, threatened or sometimes even attempted to kidnap him, enthralled by him.
Our little Dominic demonstrated quite a unique little attitude (many would accuse me of being the culprit for that); he gave me his first middle finger at five days old; gave his first wink to a girl at six days old. He would smile and you simply couldn't resist a warm smile in return. He would cry and your heart would ache for him. Whenever I would wake him, he would flex his muscles as tho preparing himself for whatever new challenges and adventures awaited him. Or sometimes he would simply flex to show off for the ladies. It warmed the heart to see him so attentively keep looking at you, following you around the room and smiling so brightly upon your return into his view if you perchance happened to leave him momentarily.
On a more solemn note, I don't know why he left us at such a young age. There are countless moments and so much more of everything that I wanted for him. So much more I wanted him to know, learn and experience. So much more I'm sure many people, all of you, would have wanted in regards to our precious Dominic.
If you all don't already know, rest assured that he's gone to a better place. I'm sure he would want all of you to know that he loves you all so much. He's been touched by you and many more, just as he's left his mark on us all. We cannot deny our grief over his passing, but I know that what Dominic would want is for us to, someday, hopefully soon, receive happiness when we think of him. I know that he would not want our memories of his legacy to bring sorrow, but rather comfort, peace and joy. Dominic was a wonderful little boy and I believe we owe it to him to share that happiness as our tribute to him. Dominic loved us all and once time has relieved our grief and sorrow, the least we can do is try to find peace, to find joy in memory of that love he shared with us all.

JoanI never had the courtesy(pleasure) to meet the precious little angel he was taken from us way too soon. I am sure that he touched everyones heart. I know u r watching over all u keep up the good work Dominic. Rest in peace u precious little angel

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