Wednesday, 23 November 2011

June 28 2010

SueHere are my photos of the beautiful shawl Shelagh(Houston) has knit to raise funds for the SIDS research people. Shelagh quickly offered to make this shawl and it arrived here in Western Australia on Friday afternoon. It would have been here earlier if Winston Kitty had not caught his claw in it and causing Shelagh to have to tink 40 rows. It is so delicate, so soft and beautiful and weighs a mere 110grams and now it's on it's way to Ottawa so that Dominic's dad and his aunts and uncles can see how lovely it is too and then hand it in personally to the Ottawa SIDS Foundation. Hopefully this will ease their grief a little and help them to feel they are doing something to assist in the research of this pointless condition. It sounds a roundabout way of doing things but after seeing the shawl I knew it had to go Ottawa. Thank you Shelagh.

...this is what I wrote at the Down to Earth forum so that every-one there can see the shawl. It will take 2 weeks to get there.
Love you

Gerry thanks Mum, luv you too

Phoebe : wow its so beautiful, I got the package yesterday. Haven't seen it yet, but looking forward to it. It is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you very much for this priceless gift

Sue : Hi Phoebe...I'd love some feedback for Shelagh when Gerry hands it in to the SIDS peeps pls.
Taylen's card is in the package too.

Phoebeoh okay i didn't know, i should have opened it. I haven't seen Gerry in a few weeks so I just told him to come by and pick up his mail

Sue : has it gone then?
I did tell you the card was in there lol

Gerry I have the package Sue, ill give Phoebe Taylen's card... I haven't sent it yet

Sue : thank you Gerry, have you opened it?

Gerry : Yes, Sue, thanks so much... N please express my gratitude to Shelagh

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