Wednesday, 23 November 2011

August 27 2010

GerryTo all of you who aren't up to date on current events regarding my little man, I'm going back to court on Sept 16th to fight for his remains... almost positive from the last court appearance that I'll win... Judge had ripped Nancy's head off! Was so disappointed that I'd missed it lol... Anyway, send me your prayers n wishes, etc... I'll keep you all posted on a burial date... Also gonna have to work out financial arrangements...

Holly : You have my prayers

ZandT Miner : Hope all goes your way. Our prayers are with you.

Joan : u have my prayers

Phoebe : You are in my prayers

Priscilla : I miss u Dominic :'( :'( More than words can say

Carolyn : Our prayers and thoughts are always with you Gerry. Praying that all goes well for you in September as I'm sure they will. Little Dominic remains in our thoughts and hearts forever!

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