Wednesday, 23 November 2011

August 15 2010

Ann Well my little prince....Not only has it been a little over 4 months since u left us but this month would have been ur 8th month :-( Hope ur still watching over all of us as we all still grieve for ur loss.... I know that there are still days and stuff where i find myslef often thinking about u.... What you would have been like....whose temperment you would have had and all kinds of stuff.... I miss you soo much.... There is a song that makes me think about u all the time and it's called One more day with you....It's by a band called Diamond Rio.... Cause everyday Not only I myself but i'm sure the rest of us wish that we had that with u..... I love you my little prince....Until we meet again my love.... Watch over me and everyone else :-)

Jay : VERY Touching :( I think he heard least I hope so

Ann : Me too :-(
         oops myself....i just noticed it....

Jay : only you would worry about something like that ;)

Ann : lol of course :-)

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