Wednesday, 23 November 2011

December 7 2010

AnnI was thinking about u today and how u always made me smile the day that i first met u and every day after that.... I think about u often as i go thru the pictures that i have of u wondering what u would be like right now and how handsome u would be.... my little prince no words will ever describe the pain and the love that we all feel for u..... from the day u were born til the day god called u home to him.... I sat here earlier thinking about u and i then realized that in a few weeks u would have been a yr old..... :-( Almost a yr has gone by since ur joyous birth and the love that we all felt and still feel for u..... I know that whenever i think of u all i can ever see is the neverending smile that was strewn arcoss ur face.....Auntie misses u my little prince..... U will always be a part of me no matter what.... ♥ ya Dominic.....

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